As a taxpayer, you have rights...

There is nothing worse than having the Internal Revenue Service or another taxing authority such as the California State Board of Equalization (SBE), the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or the California Employment Development Department (EDD) chasing after you. However, as a taxpayer, you have rights, including the right to consult a tax lawyer.

We understand that dealing with a tax problem, whether it is a tax audit by the IRS, a California sales tax audit by the State Board of Equalization or a payroll tax problem with the Employment Development Department, can be a very stressful experience. Therefore, our tax lawyers work not only to minimize the taxes our clients owe, but also to reduce their stress by taking the weight of dealing with the IRS on a day-to-day basis off their shoulders.

There are many excellent California tax attorneys and tax lawyers. Most of those tax attorneys handle tax planning. They can tell you how to most efficiently plan your affairs to lower your taxes, and how to prevent tax problems from occurring. However, relatively few tax lawyers are tax litigation lawyers, or tax controversy lawyers. Tax litigation lawyers represent clients who have tax problems with the IRS or state taxing agencies. For example, if you or your company undergoes a tax audit a tax controversy attorney can represent you at that audit, or in any tax appeal from that tax audit. A tax litigation attorney can represent you in Tax Court, or any other appropriate court which may include the District Court, the Court of Federal Claims, or even the Bankruptcy Court. If you have a tax problem with a California tax agency a tax litigation lawyer can represent you in California Superior Court or before the Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board, or State Board of Equalization.

A tax controversy attorney can also represent you if you have a tax collection problem, and would like an offer in compromise or an installment agreement to pay your taxes. In addition a tax controversy attorney can represent you in a wide range of tax problems including the abatement of tax penalties, in summons enforcement actions, wrongful levy actions, and in wrongful disclosure suits. A tax controversy lawyer can represent you if you are a tax professional and become subject to IRS enforcement proceedings such as injunction actions against tax return preparers or an alleged violation of Circular 230. In short if you have a tax problem, a tax litigation attorney can help you.

5.0 Thank you for your professionalism!
I know it's your job, but I just wanted to thank you for your presentation of options during our meeting. I appreciate your get to the point, no B.S. approach. Additionally, maybe most importantly, you were prepared. I have been around the block a dozen times, (no a 1000 times) with legal matters and it is rare that I walkaway feeling that I have the right people on my team. In your case, I do. I only wish that I had gotten you involved in the beginning, not 10 years later. In any case thanks again. J.T.
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Dennis Brager is a nationally recognized California State Bar Certified Tax Specialist and a former Senior Tax Attorney for the Internal Revenue Service's Office of Chief Counsel. He has been named by Los Angeles Magazine as a Southern California Super Lawyer. Dennis has written numerous articles on tax problems, and has been quoted as a tax expert by many publications including the Daily Journal, BusinessWeek, The National Law Journal, USA Today and Taxes - The Tax Magazine. He has also appeared on ABC Television's Good Morning America show, Fox Business News, TV One Access, and KSRO-Newstalk 1350.