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IRS Related Reviews

“I was referred to Brager Tax Law Group by my Attorney. As the representative of my deceased Aunt and Uncle’s Estates we found that a large mistake had been made on the 2009 taxes and never rectified. The IRS wanted their money. Because I live in Northern Calif. I was worried that I would have to travel down to LA often. However, that was not the case. I submitted all of the information that I had regarding the taxes and sent them to Brager Group. All other contact was done by email. Any question that I had was answered promptly. They explained the billing procedure and the probable timeline that I could expect. In other words they made the whole process very easy for me. Everyone I dealt with was efficient and knowledgeable. I trusted them to do all that was possible for me and they did. We had a ruling from the IRS that was in our favor. I could never have had that outcome by trying to deal with the problem myself. Thanks Brager Tax Law Group for doing so much for me.”

- JB

FBAR / Offshore Related Reviews

“Dear Dennis, We did receive the Form 906 from the IRS with great relief, knowing that we are finally at the end of the journey with them. On our very first meeting with you, we knew that we had made the correct choice of person to deal with our situation and we thank you greatly for your professionalism and your complete understanding of the situation that we found ourselves in. We most certainly would recommend you to our friends. You and your staff met all of our expectations throughout all of this time. We particularly wish to commend Meredith who was a total blessing to me particularly (JD). She had answers to all of my questions and when I was doing the "womanly" thing, such as having panic attacks, she was able to calm me down with solutions to the problems. IRS to me are initials I never want to see again. Thank you so much indeed.”

- LD & JD

FTB Related Reviews

“I was one of Dennis' earliest clients nearly twenty years ago. He handled a highly technical state tax issue for me that went to eve of trial and to the highest echelon of the FTB. He recovered 100% of the amount in controversy plus years of interest. I couldn't have been happier with the result.”

- Myron M.

CDTFA / BOE / Sales Tax Related Reviews

“Past due sales and payroll taxes from an old business threatened everything we had, and our entire future. After a lot of nervous days and many sleepless nights we knew we needed expert legal help. We were referred to Brager Tax Law Group by a trusted family attorney, and they exceeded our expectations. His professionalism, and most importantly compassion and understanding, help guide us through this most difficult time. His knowledge of the law and experience negotiating our individual taxes that was unbelievably workable for us had an immediate impact on our future moving forward. In spite of the length and complexity of our case, you and Roger stayed with us and gave your very best consideration to it. You have our deepest gratitude for that!!”

- C. S.

Other Reviews

“I owed over $1m in taxes and penalties and was in a really stressful situation. I reached out to Dennis Brager and scheduled a call with him. He listened to me without being judgmental and calmly collected all the facts before giving any advice. He recommended retaining his firm to fight the penalties and he thought I had a decent chance. After 4-months and approximately $10,000 in fees, Dennis succeeded in reducing my tax liability by $740,000. To say I'm extremely happy with Dennis is a gross understatement. He doesn't want to waste your time and rack up legal bills, I hardly spoke to the guy and when I did it was hyper-productive. He's a no-nonsense, cut straight to the chase and get it done kind of lawyer. I highly recommend him.”

- Anonymous