When do I need a tax attorney or a tax lawyer?

You may need a tax attorney or a tax lawyer if:

  1. You have committed tax fraud, also known as tax evasion;
  2. The IRS has served a summons on your bank to produce tax records or other documents;
  3. You have a tax problem including a tax audit by the IRS, or a tax audit by the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), California Employment Development Department (EDD), or the California Board of Equalization (SBE or BOE);
  4. You have a large tax debt due to the Internal Revenue Service, and you are interested in obtaining tax debt relief such as an offer in compromise (OIC), or perhaps an installment agreement;
  5. You have unreported offshore bank accounts, or other foreign financial accounts;
  6. You haven't filed foreign bank account reports (FBARs) with the IRS;
  7. You are planning a major financial transaction such as buying or selling a business;
  8. The IRS or EDD claims that your workers are employees, and not independent contractors; or
  9. You have any type of major tax problem.
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Thank you for your good work in resolving my innocent spouse case. I will be forever grateful!
It is a pleasure to send you this check...knowing I have friends like you who are there to help! HB
Words can not express my appreciation. YOU DID IT!!!! I have dealt with and paid multiple people to resolve my tax problems, however you were the only one who was successful... CB
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and insight. Thanks to you my kids and I might have some financial future and even a Christmas without fear. CM
Thank you for the FBAR reminder. I won't forget! -- How can I forget? ...! I also thank you for guiding me [in] making the right decision and putting the horrible time all behind!!!! SY