What are the Top Signs a Criminal Tax Investigation is Forthcoming? Part II

In this video, we will be continuing our discussion on what actions by the IRS may reveal a forthcoming criminal investigation?

If you are already in contact with an IRS agent, certain actions may tip you off that a criminal investigation may soon follow. While it is good practice to contact a tax attorney immediately upon being contacted by an IRS agent, you should definitely do so if one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • You have been selected for an audit and you know that the relevant tax years contain untrue statements or significant understatements of income.
  • Your bank records have been served with an IRS summons even though you volunteered to provide those records to the IRS yourself.
  • You have been audited and are in regular contact with an IRS agent. The agent then disappears for weeks at a time and will not return your calls.
  • Your accountant informs you that he has been interviewed by the IRS.
  • The IRS agent starts copying voluminous documentation rather than simply reviewing the documents you provide, and then returning them.
  • The IRS issues a summons to interview you, rather than simply asking you to come in for an interview.
  • The IRS agent mentions that he has consulted with a fraud technical advisor.

While this does not cover every situation that should raise an alarm, they do no give a good sense of the types of events that should trigger concern by a taxpayer. If you have any worries it's been better to reach out to us to see if your fears are justified.

One last tip: If an IRS agent shows up to interview you at your home early in the morning, and tells you that he is an IRS Special Agent, DON'T SAY A WORD. Call us immediately! You are almost certainly under criminal investigation.

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