Why Do We Charge for Our Initial Consultations?

  • Lincoln once said that a lawyer's stock in trade is his time. While that may be true it doesn't really answer the question of why YOU should buy what the lawyer is selling. Some people say (or think) "why should I pay you before I even know that you can help me?" Of course, if you were ill and went to a doctor you wouldn't be surprised to get a bill even if the doctor couldn't figure out why you were ill, or worse, told you that your problem was incurable.
  • As part of your very first contact with our office, you will discuss with a staff member a bit about why you are seeking a tax lawyer. If your matter is not something outside the scope of what the Firm handles, a meeting will not be scheduled and you will not be charged. If possible, we will refer you to someone who can help.
  • In some instances, we can resolve our clients' tax problems by the end of a one-hour meeting. With Dennis Brager's 35 years in the business, he can often tell that you are already on the right track and can handle the matter on your own. Other times he can tell you that your current tax advisor is on the right track. Our motto is that every tax problem has a solution. Unfortunately, sometimes the solution is a very uncomfortable one. It may mean writing a large check to the government; it may mean reductions in lifestyle or filing for bankruptcy. Our philosophy is that we would rather tell our clients the hard truth than charge them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars sending them down a path with no possibility of success.
  • Unfortunately, some tax resolution firms and tax litigation lawyers use the "free" consultation as an opportunity to sell you an expensive package of services which may not ultimately provide you with the relief that you are hoping for. While in the tax business there are never any guarantees, our goal is to get you on the right path to the most likely solution. We think that is a service worth paying for and our clients agree. Other benefits of our initial consultations include:
  • Relief of stress. By the time our clients call our Firm they may have been dealing with their tax issues for years, sometimes with tax advisors who don't understand the ins and outs of dealing with the IRS or the California taxing agencies. In other cases, they have been trying to go it alone against the taxing agencies. They have been fed misinformation and half-truths; sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes deliberately. This had led to stress-related illness and the aggravation of pre-existing health problems. It has put a strain on their marriages and other relationships. Many of our clients tell us that they feel better at the end of the first consultation with Dennis Brager.
  • For the clients who decide to hire us, the first meeting starts the process of resolving their problem. We collect preliminary information, review a portion of the relevant documents available, and begin coming up with a preliminary plan for next steps.
  • For those clients who don't decide to hire the Firm we are generally able to provide at least some suggestions as to how to move forward.
We look forward to meeting with you soon.
Client Reviews
"Dennis, Meredith, and staff… As I reflect upon this year, there are a few individuals who have made my life much better. I appreciate and feel blessed for all the effort made on my behalf. Thank you very much…" KB
"Thank you for your good work in resolving my innocent spouse case. I will be forever grateful!" KB
"It is a pleasure to send you this check...knowing I have friends like you who are there to help!" HB
"Words can not express my appreciation. YOU DID IT!!!! I have dealt with and paid multiple people to resolve my tax problems, however you were the only one who was successful..." CB
"Your assistance is greatly appreciated and beyond the call of the average attorney who would not take the time. I will consult with you and refer whomever I can to you, whenever possible." EK