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June 2015

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1. Failure to File Taxes? Expats can face a Customs Hold, Failure to File Penalty, and a Failure to Pay Penalty


If you are living in the United States it can be difficult to miss the numerous announcements and pronouncements of the impending April 15th tax deadline. And yet, every year thousands of US taxpayers will fail to file and pay taxes.


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2. Tax Problems Following a Divorce or Marital Problems? Innocent Spouse Relief May Be an Option 


Many married couples find it advantageous to file a joint tax return rather than filing separately. This comes as no surprise as the federal government has built a number of tax advantages for married couples filing jointly into the tax code. 


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3. U.S. Expatriates and International Workers: Beware of Exceptions to the Foreign Income Exclusion


U.S. citizen, resident aliens and others who are U.S. taxpayers face a unique mode of taxation in the United States. That is, U.S. taxpayers are taxed on their worldwide income regardless of where it was earned. Predictably and understandably, this method of taxation results in many expatriates worrying about whether they will face double taxation - paying taxes on their income to both the nation they are living in and to the IRS. While there are provisions in the U.S. Tax Code, and various tax treaties to address the issue of double-taxation, these provisions can be difficult to understand, create problems for laypersons in ascertaining whether he or she qualifies, and it can present difficulties in maintaining compliance in future tax years as circumstances and finances change. However, the foreign earned income exclusion can be an essential tool in ensuring that an expatriate taxpayer does not face double-taxation and pay more than his or her fair share.


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4. Have You Received a Deficiency Notice or Another Letter Regarding Tax Problems From the IRS? 


You filed your taxes like you were supposed to and you should be able to spend the rest of the year free from worries about taxes. But, then one day it appears. The envelope is fairly nondescript except for the name and address of the Internal Revenue Service emblazoned upon it. Maybe you tear it open immediately or maybe you wait until you are feeling a little braver, but in either case your mind starts racing and you can't quite shake the feeling that you'll soon be facing major tax problems.


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